Infernal Hounds VRChat Base

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This avatar may receive updates

This avatar requires knowledge of Unity - If you need assistance don't hesitate to ask in the Help section of the discord!


What this product contains:

- Unity Package (Ready for VRChat export)

- SPP texture files

- Blend file


Avatar Features:

- Fullbody compatible

- MMD compatible

- ARKit and SRanipal

- Face Tracking Compatible

- 6x Gesture emotes

- Tail Anim and Controller

- Material Swap (Body and Clothes)

- Clothing Toggles

-Body Sliders

-Hue Shift

- Headpat and Nose Boop interactable

-Ear, Tail, Toes Puppets

-Ear Swap (Guages and Non Guages)

-Tail Swap (Wolf and Derg Tail)


- Unity 2022.3.6f1 - And understanding of how to use it (There are many tutorials which you can find on YouTube)

- VRChat SDK3.0

-VRCFury- And an understanding of how to use it


-VRCFT - Jerry's Templates-

Terms of Service:

By purchasing this avatar you hereby agree to my terms of service which go as following:

You may:

- Use this avatar for VRChat

- Edit the avatar for personal use

- Make public / clonable versions of the avatar for VRChat

- Advertise / sell custom retextures of the avatar providing that the retexturer and recipient have both purchased the avatar

- Create and sell accessories, clothing & props for the avatar provided that it doesn't include any of the original avatar files

- Create artwork, designs etc inspired by the avatar

- Use it for videos / streaming etc - ARKit Blendshapes have been provided- Please be sure to credit me for creating the base.

- Modify the avatar to create an your own version for sale

You may NOT:

- Claim credit for creation of the original avatar

- Share any of the files of this avatar with others unless all parties have legally purchased the avatar prior

- Share your license key with others

- Re-sell the avatar or any of its components


-Technical Help: Ximmer_VR

-Renders: ZanX

-Spinny Render: Nuclear

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Last updated Feb 23, 2024

-SSP - Fbx - Blend - UnityFile - Texture Zip -

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Infernal Hounds VRChat Base

21 ratings
I want this!